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by Tom T. Hall 

Tom T. Hall provides excellent insight into the creative process of writing songs and the business aspects of having a successful songwriting career.
Published by Rutledge Hill Press May 1987,  ISBN 1558538607 [Book]
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I found this treasure in the Earnest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville, Tennessee.  Tom T. Hall, "The Storyteller", provides a personal and informative look at the process and business of songwriting.  There is a lot packed into a small book, as indicated by the contents:

  1. What is a Song?
  2. Are Song Writer's Born?
  3. Rules and Tools
  4. Hang-ups
  5. The Time, the Place, the Attitude
  6. Getting Ideas
  7. Ways of Writing
  8. Rhyme
  9. Meter
  10. Music for the Words
  11. Revising Your Song
  12. Communicating
  13. Selecting Colleagues
  14. Writing Funny Songs
  15. Dealing with Publishers
  16. How You Get Paid
  17. A Few More Do's and Don'ts
  18. What Is Nashville?
  19. Analysis of Some of the Songs I've Written
  20. What Some Great Songwriters Say

I think any songwriter will find much of value in this book, regardless of genre.  Those writing with Nashville in mind will find this book indispensable.

Book reviewed by Greg Dixon
For Shared Visions Unlimited
Monday, February 11, 2002

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